The unkown, who are left unnoticed are the ones who deserve all credit. Hailing from different regions of India, specialsing in different areas of manufacturing garments, have passion in common. With a pure heart and effortless hours dedicated to create uniqueness and grace with their nimble fingers these are the icons who work behind the scenes.


19 years and still motivated each day to create something new. Being a part of team Me-Tisse for over a year he is still consistent with his sampling of colours and fabrics. At Me-Tisse he enjoys the quality of work and the range of opportunities he receives.

Suresh Singh Bhandari

Responsible for the field work (sourcing, packagaing) and has been associated with Me-Tisse for 3 months. Before Me-Tisse he worked for various different export houses for almost a decade. He relishes his contribution towards Me-Tisse.

Chandraban Gupta

Master pattern maker with over 20 years of expereince has become an all rounder and feels confident in various other production tasks. A year at Me-Tisse, he feels relaxed and craves to know more about different techniques.

Bharat Singh

Involved at Me-Tisse as a sample maker for over a year now, Bharat enjoys the creative challenges that the clients have to offer to his hands, to be able to create anything virtual into actual.

Afzal Ansari

From Bihar to New Delhi, still working tirelessly as a sample tailor with a humungous experience of 25 years in the field of export. Afzal sees no end to construcuting and improving his skills.


Her fingers have their own language as she embroiders the garments one after the other. 5 years and still aiming for mastering her perfection. She enjoys her craft and the new challenges that she faces with new designs.

Priya Verma

Still pursuing her education, but eager to work to practice what she preaches at Me-Tisse. She is solely responsible and associated with the accounts and the export documentation of the company. At Me-Tisse she likes the aura of friendliness and co-operation in the team.


Seamlessly transitioning from call to call, place to place,and sourcing items, it is all done with absolute ease, 5 years and counting she is always on the run to get things done. 5 months at Me-Tisse, she always seeks for innovative work, materials and ideas to stay progressive.